Bunya Mountains - September 2005

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Looking towards the shops from our deck

Our own bush table set

House across the road

Breakfast Time

A young Kookaburra

One of the many Wallabies around

Looking at the Tarong power station

Some of the more isolated cabins

Hans and Betty on one of the bush walks

Michael and Matt in the distance on the same walk

Afternoon in the valley

Some of the big Bunya Pine trees

One of the many colourful parrots

a male King Parrot

Matt feeding a parrot

Parrot waiting to be fed

Helen and new friend

James and a female King parrot

Alana feeding the birds

Heading back to the cabin

Heading back to the cabin

Denise and Alana


Watch out Helen, they'll bight

Michael and Paul

A baby Wallaby

Matt and Alana

Matt, Alana and James

Isn't this just great, says Alana